Experience a rare black rhino birth live

Press Release from 13.02.2015

Over the next few days, the Magdeburg Zoo in Germany is again expecting offspring from a black rhino. The birth of a black rhino is a rare event in zoos as well as in the wild as yearly only three to six black rhinos are born in zoos within Europe. This is the second birth for the nineteen year old rhino Malaika. In 2012 she gave birth for the first time and although the pregnancy ran smoothly, the young animal did not survive. The German television channel SternTV has installed three cameras in the 'rhino delivery room', so that her progress as well as the birth can be followed online (  and Now it is just a question of fingers crossed for Malaika and her soon to be new born. Let's see how long she makes us wait this time.

Excitement mounts as the due date for the birth approaches


Photo:Excitement mounts as the birth of a black rhino is expected


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