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Shock and mourning: Giraffe Femke has died

Giraffe Femke mit Anna-Lena Bachner_Zoo Magdeburg
Giraffe Femke mit Anna-Lena Bachner_Zoo Magdeburg

The 11 year old giraffe Femke had a still birth on 24th May 2019.
She was under constant observation by the vet Dr. Mensing and the zoo director Dr. Kai Perret.
Even with all the medical precautions, the plancenta was unable to come loose.
On the same day at around 8pm, Femke received medication to encourage the contractions.
Until that time she had had time to rest and was in a stabile condition.
Femke stood up at about 10.30 pm, walked a few steps and then stumbled over and fell to the ground.
The cause was circulatory collapse and the giraffe was immediately dead.
The zoo is in deep mourning by these sad and dramatic events which took place yesterday.
Our giraffe Femke will now also be taken to the Office for Consumer Protection / Department of Veterinary Medicine in Stendal.
The results of the examination report will be available over the next few days.